YS Park YS-DIFFUSER Loop Silver and Titan Black

YS Park YS-DIFFUSER Loop Silver and Titan Black

  • Product Code: BC73YSPYS-DIFFUSER

    A bag design which makes it incredibly light and means that it'll fit any model of hair dryer (see picture). It also folds virtually flat which makes it perfect for the mobile stylist or anyone who doesn't want their kit bag filled up by a bulky diffuser. It features a metal mesh that's made from silver and titanium. This heats up and then retains the heat of your dryer, calming down the blast of heated air to a more diffuse and manageable heat.

    Lightweight & compact

    Great for stylists on the go

    The mesh fabric contains silver and titanium particles which heat up and retain heat changing the blowdry blast into a softer manageable diffused heat

    Clever Quick Adjust Strap for a secure fit on all dryer sizes

    Made in Japan

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