Pegasus PEG501C Rake Comb 9inch

Pegasus PEG501C Rake Comb 9inch

  • Product Code: DC61PGSPEG501C

    Say hello to smart technology in combs! Introducing the Pegasus 501 Basin Comb with Flexinite. What’s Flexinite? Well, it’s smart comb technology with seamless teeth that mimic hair and flexibly move in response to changing temperatures, ensuring hair glides through the comb without damage. Flexinite is one of the best new technologies in the world for styling, cutting and simply combing through hair. Pegasus 501 Basin Comb is the perfect helper for evenly combing through hair treatments and conditioners in the shower or at the basin.


    Created with revolutionary Flexinite Technology

    Perfect for evenly combing through treatments at the basin or in the shower

    Seamless teeth: No hair cuticle damage

    Saw cut: Gentle on hair and scalp

    High heat and chemical resistant

    Flexible, strong and durable

    Round teeth for painless styling

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