Sam Villa Signature Razor 3/Pack 20101 110001

Sam Villa Signature Razor 3/Pack 20101 110001

  • Product Code: SV63SV1110001

    The Sam Villa Signature Series Razor Trio Pack Is A Professional Hair Cutting Razor With Three Ergonomic Swivel Handles.  Create sharper lines, bolder texture, and softer edges. The Sam Villa Signature Razor can be used by both right handed and left handed stylists.

    Ergonomic finger design keeps your hand in a natural position - reducing strain

    360-degree swivel design allows you to achieve any cutting angle without turning or bending your wrist

    Ribbed grip area for comfort and control

    Durable all-metal body is perfectly balanced

    Includes: 3 x Razor handle; 10 x Straight-edge blades (with safety guard); 5 x Blending "9-gap" blades (For removing weight and creating soft texture); and,  5 x Texture "6-gap" blades ((For stronger, more visible texturizing). Blades come with easy to use slide on/off dispenser

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Sam Villa Signature Razor w/10 Blades 20100 110000

Sam Villa Signature Razor 3/Pack 20101 110001