Better Barber Click & Clean Starter Kit (Black)

Better Barber Click & Clean Starter Kit (Black)

  • Product Code: DW63BB1101

    Click and Clean Disposable Razors, the most innovative, professional and high quality disposable razor on the market. A safety lock ensures that there's no handling of the expose blade, while guaranteeing that it remains clean & sharp. Smart 2 step operation enables a quick and simple blade change - just click the new razor heads into place, remove the safety-lock and you're good to go. The handle design and weight maximizes grip and comfort to the highest stability and cut. The unique handle and razor head geometry is design to prevents skin and other debris from getting trapped and disease transmission.

    Kit includes 1x Click & Clean Razor & 80x Disposable Click & Clean Razor Heads.

    Based on 30 years of experience, Better Barber manufacturers its premium-quality razor heads and blades from the highest-grade materials and based on its unique design of shape and coating, ensuring the best quality and closest clean shave. Single-use disposable head guaranties 100% hygiene, saving time and cost involved in sterilizing tools between clients.

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