Feather Texturizing Razor (Red)

Feather Texturizing Razor (Red)

  • Product Code: BL65BL1112

    Add volume and texture! Look for the fun red handle that houses a unique texturing blade. You’ll love the option of adding volume and texture by cutting hair into small sections and removing only half of the hair where desired. The replaceable blades fit snugly in the handle. Use any of the three Feather Styling Razor Blades to customize your cut: Standard, Standard R-Type, and Texturing.

    Handle includes a texturizing blade that texturizes and adds volume to hair

    The balance and feel allows the razor to become an extension of your hand

    Texturizing blade removes 25% less hair than Feather Standard Blades

    Hair does not clog between the guard and blade

    Guarded blade protects you and your client

    Blades fit snug in the handle

    Blades are removed and replaced with a no-touch blade system

    Use any of the 3 Feather Styling Razor Blades to tailor your haircutting needs (Standard, R-Type, Texturizing). Made in Japan


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