Artistic Cover Me Head To Toe 12pc Mix Display (Fall 2022 Limited Edition)

Artistic Cover Me Head To Toe 12pc Mix Display (Fall 2022 Limited Edition)

  • Product Code: ARLEAR12130220

    Statement colours will be all the rage for Fall and the bold crèmes Look Of The Day and Against The Norm, garnet and blue respectively, are here to make themselves known! Alternatively, for a peek at the subtle side of autumn’s colour palette, be sure to immerse yourself in shades like Caught In A Vibe, a coral crème, and Escape The Ordinary, a pink violet Crème. Grounding this collection in edgy earthiness are the stunning shades From AM to PM, a hot chocolate crème, and Neutral on Repeat, a taupe crème.

    Artistic Color Gloss cures in only 30 Seconds using the Artistic LED CURE BOX and 2 minutes using a traditional UV lamp. High gloss that shines up to 21 days! Paint-on Gel Innovation that lasts for up to three weeks without chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling. Color Gloss soaks off quickly and completely, in minutes, without any damage to the natural nail.

    Artistic Revolution brings you break-thru shine with a patented formula producing crystal shine you have to see to believe! Wears Up to 10 Days thanks to its adhesion promoting monomer technology. No DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor. Reactive Hybrid Color shares matching shades with Color Gloss Soak Off Gel Nail Color. Custom packaging design to withstand the salon environment.

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