Inverness Dr Pierce Nose Piercing 95612-INTRO

Inverness Dr Pierce Nose Piercing 95612-INTRO

  • Product Code: IVINIV1101

    The Dr. Piece Nose Piercer is a single-use instrument and piercing stud which uses time-tested technology to deliver a safe, sterile, nose piercing every time! 

    Intro includes: 

    6 x 95612 Kit (One jeweler quality nose piercing stud, 2mm Crystal Bezel Stainless Steel, in a sterile cassette, one piercing instrument, one hygienic cleansing towelette, and a detailed piercing and aftercare instructions), 

    6 x Dr. Pierce Anti-Bacterial Cleanser 110 ml (4 oz)

    6x Dr. Nose-C Nose Bone 316L-Clear 24 Pcs.

    1x Surgical Marker

    1x Authorization Booklet

    1x Counter Display

    There are many reasons why Inverness should be the first choice for an ear piercing system. Inverness has more than thirty years of experience and the safest system available on the market today. Inverness Ear Piercing Instrument is a hand pressured Class 1 Medical Device providing a gentle piercing. Ear piercing system must concentrate on safety and sterility. Inverness Fully Enclosed Capsule is one of the main reasons to choose Inverness as it guarantees the safest ear piercing possible. It guards against contamination prior to piercing. You will not see an exposed post before the piercing. Inverness Safety ClutchTM earring backs allow for the safest healing of an ear piercing. The earring back shields the sharp pointed earring tip and provides proper healing without allowing the earring back to be squeezed too close to the ear. This greatly enhances the healing process by allowing proper air flow. These two features set Inverness apart from all other Ear Piercing manufacturers.

    Inverness piercing earrings are all hypo-allergenic and manufactured in the United States to medical implant grade standards.  Every pair of earrings are stored in a tamper proof cassette, which has been sterilized at an accredited FDA facility also in the United States. Inverness guarantees the sterility of all its piercings earrings.  Our standards include testing on all crystals and metals to ensure that our earrings are lead and cadmium free. Inverness is registered and in full compliance with the FDA.

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