2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer 15ml

2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer 15ml

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    It really works! There is no magic here, just real results. The 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer helps diminish wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature aging in 2 minutes or less. Its effects generally last for 4-10 hours.  It is a phenomenal short term solution (and the product can be liberally reapplied), but is not a permanent solution. Powder and other makeup products may be applied delicately after the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer is applied.

    People of all ages have enjoyed success with the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer. Because the formula does not contain steroids, it does not adversely affect teenagers or adolescents. If you have concerns about making the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer a part of your anti-aging regiment, consult a health care professional.

    It is best to apply the product after cleansing and gently drying skin as follows: Shake tube well and squeeze a very small (tear drop size amount) onto fingertips. Lightly pat and gently spread the product onto fine lines , “crows feet” and bags under the eyes. Do not rub product into the skin. Do not over apply as this may result in some residue. Keep facial muscles relaxed, remain expressionless and let air dry for 2 minutes.

    Results vary depending on a number of factors such as skin type. Simply re-apply the formula for consistent results. 

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