Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit RC550113

Refectocil Brow Lamination Kit RC550113

  • Product Code: CBLBRCL550113

    With the RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit, eyebrows can be fixed semi-permanently in any desired shape. The brow hairs are permanently shaped in just 10 minutes - this way, gaps can be perfectly concealed and stubborn hairs are tamed! The formula contains the ingredient keratin for a hair-strengthening effect. In order to perfect the result, it is advisable to color the eyebrows according to the type after the treatment. The contact time with the eyebrow colors from RefectoCil is only 3 minutes after the Brow Lamination Service!

    Everyone wants them, but only very few have them: beautifully defined, full and natural looking eyebrows. More than ever, they are in focus and drawing attention to our eyes. From fluffy and feather brows to soap and boy brows - perfectly styled, they contour the face. Anyone wanting to achieve the perfect shape, fullness and long-lasting results the natural way should ask their favorite salon for a Brow Lift by RefectoCil. The brows are defined and lifted as the eyebrow hairs are given a semi-permanent set and long-term shaping. Gaps are perfectly hidden and new life is breathed into brows, which can now simply be brushed, styled and secured. Even stubborn eyebrow hairs no longer stand a chance - once shaped, they stay where they should be and not where they want to be.

    Kit includes 2x Lash & Brow Perm 3.5ml, 2x Neutralizer 3.5ml, 2x cosmetic brushes, 2x application dishes and 1x eye care pad pair for free.

    Clean brows with RefectoCil Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover. Remove tensides and skin fat residues with the RefectoCil saline solution. Skin and hair must be dry before use.

    Brush eyebrows well with the help of the rubber spoolie and comb into the desired shape.

    Apply Lash & Brow Perm (1) to the entire brow. Start at beginning of the brow and follow the direction in which the eyebrows were brushed. Avoid the skin around the brow bones as much as possible and clean any unwanted edges with a dry cotton swab. Contact time Lash & Brow Perm: 6 minutes.

    Remove Lash & Brow Perm (1) with a dry cotton swab or cotton pad. Follow the direction in which the hair was combed. If necessary, correct individual hairs. Apply neutralizer (2) with a brush. To do this, repeat the steps from point 3. Contact time: 4 minutes.

    Dye eyebrows with the selected RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash color, exposure time after a brow lifting is only 3 minutes!

    Bring the eyebrows back into shape with the rubber spoolie after removing the paint. If necessary, trim excessively long hair with eyebrow scissors.

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