RefectoCil Full Brow Liner 02 Medium RC5925

RefectoCil Full Brow Liner 02 Medium RC5925

  • Product Code: CBLBRCL155

    Full Brow Liners by RefectoCil fill out your eyebrows visually and give them the ideal shape. They close small gaps in the brows and make the total look perfect after a professional brow and lash styling.

    The super fine tip enables a precise application of the texture and the brush helps to bring the eyebrows in the perfect shape.

    - Available in 3 colours (01 light, 02 medium, 03 dark) and is suitable for every eyebrow colour and skin type

    - Texture refined with silk powder

    - Long-lasting up to 10 hours

    - Smudge-proof & waterproof

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