Hair Treats Fiber Blonde *

Hair Treats Fiber Blonde *

  • Product Code: BCTHHTR103

    Immediately builds your hair with natural plant protein fibres. You will notice a fuller thicker head of hair in just seconds. Made with safe, keratin & plant-based ingredients. No mess, no adverse effect. Professional quality product, suitable for both men and women. Can be used in conjunction with hair-loss medication. Washes out with ease. Microscopic fibers blend seamlessly with hair to create volume while remaining undetectable. Ideal for both thinning and nearly bald areas of the head. Wind, rain and perspiration resistant. Safe for use after transplant surgery. Perfect for root touch up.

    Available in 10 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Ash Blonde, Blonde, Light Grey, White.

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