Reviv3 Procare Counter Display K

Reviv3 Procare Counter Display K

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    3 x 30 Day Reviv3’ Starter Kit. This STARTER KIT is the ideal introduction to the 3-step hair care ritual that repairs hair follicle damage, prevents hair thinning, hair breakage, and hair loss, and infuses your hair with the nutrients necessary for optimal health. Incorporating Reviv3’s proprietary.

    30 Day Reviv3 Starter Kit includes 1 each of the following: #1 PREP Deep Cleansing Shampoo 5.1 fl.oz: Naturally based shampoo, a gentle sulphate-free daily cleanser/shampoo formulated with protein, vitamin complexes and nutrients to cleanse your scalp of styling product build-up, environmental residue and toxins that collect on your scalp. Addresses scalp concerns such as Dryness, flaking and itching. Sodium chloride free, safe for chemically treated hair such as hair color and keratin straightening. #2 PRIME Moisture Conditioner 5.1 fl.oz: Naturally based Moisture + Conditioner; is an innovative, multi-protein daily use scalp and hair conditioner formulated with glycoprotein, vitamin complex and botanical extracts to moisturize the scalp for a healthy growing environment while creating thicker stronger hair, increased shine and controls fizziness leaving the hair silky smooth. #3 TREAT Micro-Active Treatment 2.6 fl.oz: Naturally based Micro Activ3 treatment; is an encapsulated, Tri-peptide complex in a State-of-the-art nutrient delivery system, supports epidermal nutrient uptake and increased microcirculation – having a direct effect on excessive hair loss, hair volume and rapid hair growth. Additionally, Treat protects the scalp skin from DHT build-up when used daily.

    3 x Reviv3 Thickening Spray 200ml - Provides thickness and strength to your hair with no product build up.  Thickening Spray adds volume, texture and shine and it is alcohol free. Formulated with activities to maintain scalp health and support nutrients uptake. Provides UV color protection

    3 x Reviv3 Mend Deep Repair Mask 150ml/5.1 oz is a weightless, multi-protein enriched deep penetrating masque designed to strengthen, revive elasticity, repair damage, control frizz and limit chemical stress of all hair types while giving you shine and ease of styling. Formulated with actives to maintain scalp health and support nutrient uptake.


    Reviv3 30 Day Trial Kit x 3

    Reviv3 Thicken Thickening Spray 200ml x 3

    Reviv3 Mend Deep Repair Hair Masque 150ml x 3

    Reviv3 Protect Thermal Protector 200ml x 3

    Reviv3 Procare 12pc Empty Counter Display x 1

    REVIV3 Procare products are always sulfate-free (SLS-free), alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, GMP certified, and clinically-tested, to care for you, and our earth. 

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