Babe iTip Beaded Intro Starter Kit

Babe iTip Beaded Intro Starter Kit

  • Product Code: BHINBH1104

    Get everything you need all in one place!

    No need to run around collecting tools—we’ve got all your I-Tip and Flat-Tip treasure hunt finds right here in our easy Beaded Starter Kit! You’ll be ready to get to work right away with everything to install, remove, and reinstall I-Tip and Flat-Tip hair extensions, plus a handy-dandy Babe Education Manual to smooth the way

    This starter kit includes:

    2x Packs of I-Tip Practice Hair (100% human Remy hair)

    2x Packs of Flat-Tip Practice Hair (100% human Remy hair)

    1x Color Swatch Ring

    1x Loop Tool

    1x Classic Hair Extensions Tool

    1x Tin of Dark Chocolate Microlock Beads (100 pcs)

    1x Educational Manual

    1x Pack of Velcro Grippers (4pcs)

    1x Hair Extension Brush

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