Evo Love Salon Rewards Program Welcome Pack

Evo Love Salon Rewards Program Welcome Pack

  • Product Code: EV95EV1131

    Love is more than just a rewards program… it’s a partnership… it’s a sense of respect and appreciation for our finest and dearest, our greatest loves… those whose mission it is to tell the truth, to expose the frauds, to keep the hair and beauty industry honest… those who are saving ordinary humans from themselves. So much more than... friends with benefits!

    The Evo Love Salon Rewards program provides rewarding rebates, exclusive branding & pre-market releases, even better education, salon evo-angleist training, hand-in-hand engagement, network, events & competitions!

    This welcome pack contains 1x Evo Love patch, 1x Evo Love sticker, 1x Evo Love brochure and 1x Evo Love Neon Sign.

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