PREempt Concentrate Gallon

PREempt Concentrate Gallon

  • Product Code: CB50PRM105

    Concentrate is designed for use in cleaning and disinfecting salon surfaces and tools. Ideal in spas for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and circulating footbaths.

    • 30 Second Broad Spectrum Sanitizer

    • Concentrate 1:40

    • Certified Ecologo

    • Liquid: 4 Litre

    5 minute bactericidal virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal; Removes and prevents the formation of Biofilm in circulating footbaths

    Circulating Footbaths

    Disinfecting (between each client)

    • Fill tub above jets with cool water and add approximately 400ml of PREempt Concentrate (for an average size footbath bowl)

    • Turn on jets and circulate for 5 minutes

    • To reduce foam, add 2-3 drops of DEFOAM PLUS

    • Drain and Rinse



    • Dilute PREempt Concentrate (1:128) in cold water

    • Using scrubbing action, physically remove debris


    • Dilute PREempt Concentrate (1:40) in soaker jar or tray

    • Soak tools for 5 minutes

    • Rinse and dry before use

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