Pravana ChromaSilk 7.8 Pearl Blonde 7P 90ml

Pravana ChromaSilk 7.8 Pearl Blonde 7P 90ml

  • Product Code: PVCLCSL0780

    135+ shades of award-winning silk and keratin-based creme colors, that span over six different tonal families. Is a low-level ammonia formula which preserves the integrity of the hair. This versatile portfolio offers colorists vibrant reds, cool violets, pre-mixed low light options and unique cool-based naturals and golds resulting in beautiful tones that deliver up to 100 percent gray coverage.

    ChromaSilk's superior dye, low ammonia, ensures complete grey coverage and rich vibrant colors. ChromaSilk is enriched with pure Silk and Keratin Amino Acids to provide unmatched shine, silkiness and long-lasting color. When used with PRAVANA developers, ChromaSilk creates a beautiful long-lasting natural looking hair color. When used with PRAVANA Zero Lift Developer, ChromaSilk performs as a perfect no-lift demi-permanent. ChromaSilk comes in a stunning array of crème colors. The 000-Lightening Booster will help achieve 4 levels of lift and will process for 45 minutes.

    ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color Mixing Ratio: 1:1 1/2. Mix color and Pravana créme developer. Apply color. Process for 30 minutes -- up to 45 minutes for gray coverage.

    Silk Amino Acids and  Keratin Amino Acids

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