Design.Me x Lisa Walker Balayage Artist Kit

Design.Me x Lisa Walker Balayage Artist Kit

  • Product Code: DM95DM1140

    Design.ME Lisa Walker Balayage Artist Kit includes all the tools you'll need for a flawless balayage application! This kit includes 1x each of the following:

    Design.ME Tease.ME Balayage Teasing Spray 248ml - Provides just the right amount of grit to work with finer sections to create softer, more gentle results. Tease.ME will absorbs just the right amount of oils to help increase friction between hair fibers, while providing light hold to keep your strands in place.

    Design.ME Detangle.ME Detangling Spray 230ml - Minimize the pain, split ends and breakage when combing out tangles with the help of Detangle.ME. It will conditions the hair strands to detangle and improve combing for a silky soft feel. Best used to comb out teasy-lights or backcombing.

    Design.ME Balance.Me Equalizer Spray 230ml - Its gentle and lightweight formula is ideal for all your color services. With its two cationic compounds to neutralize the negative charges on the surface of the hair, Balance.ME’s citric acid helps balance the pH of the hair, since its low pH can also help the alignment of the fibers.

    Design.ME Teasing Comb

    Framar Balayage Brush

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