KODE Professional Try Me Kit

KODE Professional Try Me Kit

  • Product Code: KPINKP1115

    The Kode Professional Try Me Kit contains 1x each of the following:

    Absolute Repair Shampoo 100ml - Kode Professional Laboratories has created a unique range of keratin based formulas designed to repair damaged and coloured hair. Keratin is comprised of amino acids that actively penetrate the hair shaft to repair, strengthen and revive it. Regular use of Kode Professional products will ensure that hair is left healthy and strong. Kode Absolute Repair Shampoo is enriched with keratin an essential vitamins for thorough treatment and recovery of each hair shaft. The result is hair that is naturally shiny, bouncy, and moisturized.

    Absolute Repair Conditioner 100ml - Formulated for hair that has been chemically treated and for hair that is frequently styled at high temperatures (hair dryer and straightening iron). Helps build and repair the hair’s structure, improves hair’s elasticity, and renews sheen and softness. The amino acids renew the interior of the hair and create and external protective layer that seals the hair and reinforces the keratin’s effect, strengthening the hair’s resistance to breakage, heat damage and chemicals.

    Smoothing System 100ml - A restorative treatment system that reconstructs hair, producing frizz-free locks for all types of hair. The antioxidants in Kode Professional hydrate and strengthen by penetrating the cuticle. This innovative system makes broken, frizzy, and dull hair a thing of the past. Kode Professional Smoothing System is rich in enzymes and protein, leaving your hair soft and smooth for up to 20 weeks.

    Clarifying Shampoo 100ml - Kode Professional Clarifying Shampoo is a highly effective deep cleansing system for your hair. This shampoo opens the hair shaft and cleans deeply, removing dirt, residue, environmental and air pollutants that fasten onto your hair over the course of the day. Kode Professional Clarifying Shampoo is recommended for use before smoothing systems and deep hair treatments, such as hair masks and treatments that must be applied to very clean hair in order to attain optimal results.

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