Babe Fusion Synthetic Practice Hair

Babe Fusion Synthetic Practice Hair

  • Product Code: BHHXFUS132

    This synthetic practice hair is for installation practice and should only be used on a mannequin head. Washing or applying heat to the practice hair will cause damage.

    Hairdressers have used the Fusion method longer than any other! Perfect installing the Fusion hair extensions flat keratin-tip, which is placed in position and heated with an electric Melting Connector. Practice warming the keratin-tip around the existing hair until it cools, stabilizes and bonds.

    20 pieces of synthetic practice hair. For professional use only.

    Strand By Strand: Babe Hair Fusion extensions come pre-tipped and ready for an easy, customizable application. Just choose which areas your client needs extra length and fullness.

    Easy In, Easy Out: Easily apply Babe Hair Fusion extensions with the Babe Hair Melting Connector. Removal is just as easy with the Babe Hair Keratin Bond Remover. No residue, no problem.

    Long-Lasting: Babe Hair Fusion extensions last 2-4 months when properly cared for and allow for up to three applications/reinstallations.

    Application time: 2-3 hours. 5-7 packs of practice hair extensions recommended for full mannequin head application.

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