Pony Silicone Beads #13 Light Blondie (1000)Blonde

Pony Silicone Beads #13 Light Blondie (1000)Blonde

  • Product Code: PY60PY1BD13

    These silicone beads are the best option for Pony Hair Hand Tied wefts, protecting your client’s natural hair. Lined on the inside with soft, supple silicone that won't fade or rust, they hold hair securely without damaging it. Plus they’re oh-so-easy to hide!  These beads are best when used with Pony's 100% human remy hair extensions. The silicone beads are 1000/pk and available in Light Blondie, Blondie, Brownie, Dark Brownie and Midnight to create a seamless blend across hair colors.

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