Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry Ombre 9pc Display

Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry Ombre 9pc Display

  • Product Code: WT62WT1153

    The magic of the Wet Brush comes from its IntelliFlex bristles that are thin, strong and very flexible. It eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. The opened design optimizes hair circulation while blow drying. Its zigzag shape allows the brush to hug the scalp, meaning easier access to the root to remove excess moisture faster. Ventilated design for optimal airflow. Curved shape for added comfort. Heat-resistant HeatFlex bristles. Suitable for dry hair, ideal on wet hair. Perfect for brushing wigs and extensions. Provides scalp massage for follicule stimulation. Reduces pain and discomfort when brushing.

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