Reviv3 Stylist Introductory Package K

Reviv3 Stylist Introductory Package K

  • Product Code: R3INR31102

    The Reviv3 ProCare hair system is designed to give you thicker, fuller, hair. Reviv3 uses highly researched actives that have proven results to make you scalp and hair healthier.


    Reviv3 #2 Prime Moisture + Conditioner 360ml x 1

    Reviv3 #1 Prep Cleanser Shampoo 360ml x 1

    Reviv3 Boost Biotin Cellular Complex 50ml x 1

    Reviv3 Mend Deep Repair Hair Masque 150ml x 3

    Reviv3 Protect Thermal Protector 200ml x 2

    Reviv3 Thicken Thickening Spray 200ml x 2

    Reviv3 30 Day Trial Kit x 2

    Reviv3 Product Info Book x 6

    Reviv3 Counter Card Blonde x 1

    Clinically Tested To prove how
    effective Reviv3 is,  were subjected in a
    rigorous study from a nationally recognized independent laboratory. The results
    speak for themselves: 300% increase in hair strength 75% reduction in broken
    hair fibers 81.51% improvement in pH scalp health 72.7% of participants showed
    improvements in hair density 75.8% of participants showed improvements in hair
    thickness 100% of participants experienced improvements in scalp health 97% of
    participants showed improvements in circulation

    REVIV3 Procare products are always sulfate-free (SLS-free), alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, GMP certified, and clinically-tested, to care for you, and our earth. 

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