Quannessence Alcohol Cleansing Pads 30pk

Quannessence Alcohol Cleansing Pads 30pk

  • Product Code: QNSKQUA120

    Quannessence Alcohol Pads are the perfect tool for cleansing and sterilizing skin prior to beauty treatments. This pack of 30 pads can be used for disinfecting skin, cleaning wounds or sterilizing objects and more. Mildly scented, these unique alcohol towelettes are perfect for cleansing prior to treatments such as, micro-needling, dermaplaning or any other facial treatments.

    Sterilize and cleanse skin pre-treatment. Ensure a clean environment. Mildly scented for best experience. Can be used for a wide array of treatments.

    Remove pad from container and sterilize as necessary. Dispose of used towelette immediately.

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