Quannessence Essentials Sample Box

Quannessence Essentials Sample Box

  • Product Code: QN95QUA316

    Pamper yourself with The Essentials daily ritual 4-piece set which includes Quannessence's best-sellers skincare routine specifically designed for revitalizing and restoring your skin.

    Kit contains 1x each of Alchemist Revitalizing Cream 50ml, Hyaluronic (Pur) Hydrating Serum 30ml, Facial Cleansing Cream 60ml, Sage Peel Gel 30ml

    Facial Cleansing Cream is a luxurious daily cleanser effectively removes make-up, excess oils, and debris without compromising the conditioning effect on the skin while locking in moisture and leaving the skin supple and smooth. The Sage Peel Gel is an invigorating moisturizing spray to hydrate and tone skin. Not ideal for rosacea skin conditions. Hyaluronic (Pur) Hydrating Serum, a staple Quannessence serum that promotes hydration for normal to dry skin. It also helps to calm irritated spots and soothe dry patches. Alchemist Revitalizing Cream is a hydrating moisturizing cream that soothes redness and inflammation while promoting skin rejuvenation.

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