Krest Goldilocks GOLDI-16C Setting Comb

Krest Goldilocks GOLDI-16C Setting Comb

  • Product Code: DC61KRS115

    Krest Goldilocks Sectioning Comb is great for Sectioning Hair to Perm or Roller Set Hair or use with Curling Iron and Blow Dryer. Heat and chemical resistant. Krest Combs are multi-purpose combs that are gentle on hair and reduce styling stress that can break or damage hair. Wet or dry hair glides through removing tangles or snarls.

    8-1/2" Sectioning Teeth Styler (Numbered Back)

    Burgundy Color

    Heat Resistant Thermal Comb

    Numbered Back for precision

    Made from DUPONT DELRIN Resin - The Quality Alternative to Hard Rubber Comb is Numbered on Back

    Finishing comb with wide-spaced teeth

    Withstands the extreme heat of blow-drying and is virtually static-free

    Made in USA

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