Feather Nape Replacement Blades (10)

Feather Nape Replacement Blades (10)

  • Product Code: BL65BL1105

    Perfect blades for the perfect neck shave! Small blade design for big and small places makes this the professional’s top industry choice for shaving the neckline, sideburns, eyebrows and bikini line – even facial outlining. Stainless steel blades made in Japan feature a 0.15 mm thin wire mesh guard for a close shave. Replaceable guarded blades maintain sanitation standards between clients. Perfect for cosmetologists to use as the guard allows stylists to take this razor to the skin. Small blade design makes it easy to shave in small tight areas. Easy to remove and replace blades. Use with the Feather Nape & Body Razor only. Stainless steel blades with a 0.15mm thin wire mesh guard for a close yet safe shave. 10 blades per pack. Made in Japan.

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Feather Nape Replacement Blades (10)

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