YS Park YS-645 Tint Brush Black *

YS Park YS-645 Tint Brush Black *

  • Product Code: BC60YSPYS-645

    YS Park 645 Tint Brush. The eye catching design of YS-645 is extremely functional. It features crimped bristles to hold more extra without drip and a non-slip body for a confident grip even when wearing gloves. The curvature of the handle when used arching up is suitable for applying colour to larges areas and when used arching down is suitable for close application around the ear, face line and neck line.

    Made from polyoxymethylene-pom, Durable, Easy to clean, Flexible, Round teeth on comb, Anti-static, Anti-bacterial, Heat-resistant

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YS Park YS-645 Tint Brush Black *

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