Artistic Gel On Xtensions Essentials Duo Pack

Artistic Gel On Xtensions Essentials Duo Pack

  • Product Code: ARNAAR1X2500021

    Artistic Gel On Xtensions Tip Primer 15ml - Non Acid Primer eliminates the need for buffing the application area for creating supreme adhesion to the natural nail. Quick Air Dry formula that won’t cloud or damage nail tips like Acetone. Safe and gentle on the natural nail, not like alcohol that can be too drying.

    Artistic Gel On Xtensions Tip Adhesive 15ml - Formulated with our coveted Bonding Gel technology for a flash cure and supreme adhesion. Non Damaging, LED Soak Off. Unique, supreme adhesion that reinforces the molecular structure of the patented Soft Gel Tip material for an airtight seal. No lifting, snag-free wear. LED Flash cure in just 5 seconds.

    Eliminates the fuss of traditional nail tips, harsh acrylic, and time-consuming hard gel overlays. Up to 21 days of wear. No filing needed. Safe and easy soak-off removal.

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